Monday, October 26, 2009

What is Pinoy Business Booster?

You have a business. You started it small but now your sales starts to generate profits.
But somewhere along the way, your business sales stop at a certain point.
You studied it thoroughly. The quality of your product or service is still in excellent condition. You tried to accomplish every type of marketing that are known in the business world.
You've attended sales seminar, you advertise your business in local newspaper, you distributed flyers and brochures, you even bought a rabbit's foot for luck just to boost your sales.
But somehow your sales seems to be stuck at the same level. You are clueless on what to do but you still want to expand your business. You're questioning yourself, Did I tackle everything? Is there something that I forgot? I tried everything but still nothing? What did I miss?

Maybe you forgot to promote your business on the internet. Business promotion on the net has been a very effective and cheap tool to boost the company's sales. It worked in Western countries and now it's becoming popular in the Philippines. More and more people are staying online on the internet and many business owners are taking advantage of that through promoting their products or services to the internet viewers.

But my business is still small and I don't have the funds to advertise my business.
That is where Pinoy Business Booster comes in. Our goal is to promote your business on the internet. And when I mean promote I mean "Massive Promotion".
Your product or service will be known to the Philippines and through out the world. Here is a list of how we can boost your business sales:

1.) Advertise to more than 100 Philippine websites.

2.) Promote your business through Social Networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, etc).

3.) Introduce your product or service to fellow websites owners and publishers.

4.) Have your very own website for Free! Get to know how many daily viewers does your websites receive.

5.) Your business will be known through active business forums.

6.) Get to know the people comments on your business.

7.) Post your business in my website by placing banners and logo.

8.) Give you a study on latest business trends; what's hot and what's not.

9.) We will search for raw materials, ingredients, basic goods, etc. Everything that can improve your business.

10.) Will give you tips on your competitors. You will get to know their strengths and weaknesses; Why are they successful.

11.) Will give you daily, weekly, and monthly reports on how your business is going on the internet.

We will be with you every step of the way. We will make it a point to bring awareness to your product or service and increase your sales.

How much will you charge?
My charge is not that important. Our goal here first is to improve your business sales. Just send me an email so that I can prepare our business marketing plan. You can contact me through:

cell no: (0918)2013458
landline: 494-7185

Let me help you maximize your business to it's full potential!

Your Internet Marketing buddy,

Francis Isberto

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